Radically Clean Water

The Exciton Advanced Oxidation Process® purifies water using little energy and no chemicals.

Through our proprietary eAOP® technology, Exciton Clean brings a novel water purification technology to bear on water treatment needs for large, global industries.

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Direct disinfection - inactivates harmful microbes

Oxidizes organic chemical contaminants

Doesn't require the use of additional harsh chemicals

Energy efficient relative to other processes

The Future of Seafood

The seafood of the future will be enabled by breakthroughs in water technology.

Exciton Clean's Advanced Oxidation Process helps land-based fish farms ship a better tasting product, faster than any other known process in the RAS market.

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Aquatics, Refined

Pools and Spas of the future will use less energy and chemicals.

Exciton Clean’s UV-enabled eAOP® technology reduces the cost, labor and chemicals needed to keep pools, spas and aquatic centers in phenomenal shape for their bathers.

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A small team with a mighty vision!

For over ten years, Exciton Clean’s team has been developing and refining a water technology focused on doing more with less. The journey has involved everything from oil and gas to sauerkraut to aquariums and now to the future of farming. Exciton Clean is on a mission to advance humanity’s water purification capabilities across the globe and into the future.

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Work with us

Our technology has the power to make (and keep) our world a cleaner, healthier place - and we’re working hard to realize that potential fully.
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