Our technology makes pool water management radically simpler

Pool owners and the service companies that help them suffer from the high cost and labor burden of keeping their pools in good shape. We’ve got a treatment for that.

Clean, clear and worry-free pool water

eAOP® technology disinfects pool water - inactivating an incredibly broad range of microbes including algae and E. coli - as well as breaks down organic chemicals and any harmful pollutants in pool and spa water. In addition, our reactors produce chlorine when there’s salt present - resulting in an ultra-clean, ultra-clear swimming pool with minimal addition of chemicals.

Saving pool service companies time and money

Chlorine pools require a significant amount of weekly chemical addition. Salt pools with traditional chlorinators frustrate pool servicing companies with a heavy maintenance burden and usually stick pool owners with a steep replacement bill for their salt cell about every three years. Our reactors reduce chemical cost on average by about half and are quickly serviced on a predictable, low budget.

Want to learn more about eAOP and its application to Aquatics?

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Pool and Spa Products

Exciton Clean has designed reactors to suit different scales of Aquatics applications. Take a look at our current product line and contact us to request product spec sheets or learn more.

Mark II

This small reactor is the right size for a home spa or other small water feature like a pond or fountain, where you need crystal clear, clean and safe water. For treating water volume up to 250 gallons (950 Liters) at flow rates up to 8 GPM (30 Liters / min).

Mark III

The Mark III reactor is designed to treat backyard pools of up to 15,000 gallons (57,000 Liters) in size. The Mark III can handle flow rates up to 60 GPM (~200 Liters / min) at a pressure rating of 50 PSI. Its UV lamp and proprietary reactor core are quickly and easily serviced or replaced when needed at low cost.

Mark III-4

Exciton Clean’s “4-pack” for treating larger pools and aquatic centers allows for the treatment of pools up to 40,000 gallons (150,000 Liters) in size and handling flow rates up to 150 GPM (570 Liters / min) at 50 PSI. Individual reactor isolation valves allow for easy servicing and adjusting treatment intensity to specific or seasonal needs.