Within decades, we will face a global shortage of water

Technologies that enable reuse of scarce water will be in high demand. Our Advanced Oxidation Process treats a wide range of impurities and can be used to both disinfect and “polish” water for reuse.

Purifying water using little energy and no chemicals

eAOP® combines UV light and our proprietary nanotube photocatalyst to produce hydroxyl radicals and/or chlorine.

Hydroxyl radicals are the most powerful oxidizing species for inactivating microbes and breaking organic chemical bonds. In the presence of chloride ions (i.e. salinity in the water), eAOP® converts them to chlorine, producing a disinfection residual in the effluent water.

eAOP® breaks down some of the most troublesome and recalcitrant contaminants

Our technology accomplishes this without the addition of chemicals and is protected by both patents and trade secrets. eAOP® generates an abundance of hydroxyl radicals in water; - even at low dosage, it destroys a wide spectrum of microbes more effectively than UV or Chlorine, including resistant species such as cryptosporidium.

eAOP® is 10-20x more energy efficient than Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO)

Our proprietary nanotechnology exhibits quantum efficiency an order of magnitude higher. In applications requiring no chemical usage, this delivers superior benefits.

Less wasted UV Light

Smaller reactors

Higher power density

Less heat generation

Wider range of treatable water composition

Micropure water for specialized applications

In many industries, the final 1-2% of water purification creates over 50% of the cost. eAOP® cost-effectively knocks low levels of contaminants down to micro levels.