Exciton Clean is lending a fin to the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) industry

Exciton AOP is uniquely suited to help land-based Salmon farms ensure that their fish come to market with the right flavor, quickly and at lower cost. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Atlantic Salmon: on-flavor, fast

RAS Salmon farms must depurate their fish of the off-flavor compounds geosmin and MIB to get them ready for harvest. eAOP® rapidly destroys these off-flavor compounds in water, helping the farms sell better tasting salmon, reduce biomass loss and use a lot less water.

50% faster depuration

Exciton Clean’s RAS customers have integrated our technology into their fish depuration process to cut the time to “condition” the fish by about 50%.

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Aquaculture Products

Exciton Clean offers a range of existing reactor designs to suit various Aquaculture conditions and scales of deployment. We can also design and build reactors to suit your specific needs - contact us to learn more.

Mark - IV

Designed for small-scale aquariums and saline applications, the Mark IV can handle a flow rate of up to 15 GPM.

Mark III-30

The Exciton Mark III-30 is ideal for use with RAS Salmon depuration systems on the order of 50 to 75 m3 in volume. Rated for 300 GPM and 50 psi of pressure.

Exciton 8000

Perfect for scaled applications, the Exciton 8000 can treat up to 800 GPM with a 50 psi pressure rating. Skid-mounted and industrially rugged, it can also be mounted on casters for easy mobility within a facility.