About Exciton Clean

Exciton Clean was brought to life in 2018 with the vision of bringing a revolutionary water purification technology to the global market, in order to help solve some of the world’s most pressing water challenges. Drawing on cutting-edge research conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Exciton Advanced Oxidation Process® uses a proprietary, patented combination of potent UV light, electricity and photocatalytic components to achieve advanced and powerful disinfection of water and destruction of organic pollutants within water.

The founders and principals of Exciton Clean are seasoned entrepreneurs and have extensive experience starting, building and growing companies focused on both innovation and impact. In addition to our excitement about Exciton Clean’s unique and compelling technology, we know and have experienced how business, when thoughtfully pursued, can have a transformative and redemptive effect on the world around it - and that’s the kind of business we like to do.

We value people and relationships, before and in addition to profit. We care about sustainability, not just supercharged growth. We know our technology has the power to make (and keep) our world a cleaner, healthier place - and we’re working hard to realize that potential fully. If you’re like us and passionate about water, we’d love to hear from you.

Our team

Our team is pretty serious about eAOP® and has the scientific and engineering chops to do something about it, too. Said that, we try not to take ourselves too seriously in the process.

By the way, if you like what we’re up to at Exciton Clean and are interested in working with us, let us know here

  • Chris Haughey


    Seasoned entrepreneur experienced in strategy development, product design and development and scaling manufacturing. Stanford Mechanical Engineer, former BCG consultant, co-founder of Tegu Toys.

  • Ramsey Kropp

    Chief Engineer

    PhD in Chemical Engineering, UW Madison. Foremost expert in photocatalytic systems, deep experience with eAOP technology since 2012. Inventor of Exciton Clean’s proprietary nanostructured photocatalyst.

  • Terry Barry

    Chief Scientist

    PhD in Fish Physiology, UW Madison. Deep understanding of Aquaculture industry and highly networked. Cofounder of AquaMost - two decades of experience with photo electro catalytic oxidation and water purification. Former Senior Researcher at UW Madison.

  • Will Haughey


    Experienced entrepreneur, start-up CFO. BS Business Administration with Concentration in Finance (Indiana University, with Honors). Investment Banking / Investment Professional with Goldman Sachs. Highly capable fundraiser

Where to find us

Exciton Clean, LLC
807 Liberty Drive, Suite 110
Verona, WI 53593
info@excitonclean.com +1 (608) 497-3170